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Training describes the formal, ongoing efforts that are made within organizations to improve the performance and self-fulfillment of their employees through a variety of educational methods and programs. Our Trainers will provide a broad range of applications; from instruction in highly specific job skills to long-term professional development which will comprise with distinctive theories and methodologies.

Our Trainers will develop the training programs using various Instructional Design models for the development of training programs to guarantee that the training program selected is necessary, valid, and effective. The instructional design process includes the collection of data on the tasks or skills to be learned or improved, the analysis of these skills and tasks, the development of methods and materials, delivery of the program, and finally the evaluation of the training’s effectiveness.


Professional Development

Professional development is defined as “The process of improving staff skills and competencies needed to produce outstanding educational results for students” (Hassel, 1999). As Thomas Guskey (2000, p.4) states, “One constant finding in the research literature is that notable improvements in education almost never take place in the absence of professional development.” Professional development is key to meeting today’s educational demands. 

Our Professional Development Specialists will design, plan, and supervise your professional development needs.  We will work with your staff to model special training initiatives, facilitate departmental meetings, and other educational needs that have been identified.



Organizational assessment is a major key to the Magenta process. We survey multiple members of your organization in order to gage needs and scope of work. Our assessment process is done digitally through an online survey given to relevant roll players within the organization. This will give Magenta a brief overview of the goals of your organization and how those roll players see those goals.

We like to think that assessment is of our most important activities seeing that it sets the tone for our approach and services following. We seek to know as much as possible about your organization not just to offer superb service but to build a strong and transparent relationship.


Instructional Design

When creating the the right content it is  important for an organization to know the end-user extremely well. Whether you are producing for an industry professional or someone who is less knowledgable the content must be written in an clear and straightforward language. Magenta always engages in simplicity.

Our Content Creator will assist your company in developing training content, training outlines learning objectives, lesson plans, participant guides, facilitator guides, assessments, and job aides for your programs. We have the capability to format your company’s content with graphics, video, audio and animation.



The key to a successful coaching relationship is a trusting rapport between teachers and coaches. Coaching is confidential, non-evaluative, and supportive. In this capacity, our Coaches will work one-on-one and in small groups with your teachers on specific teaching strategies or areas of improvement, focusing on practical changes they can make in their classrooms.

Our Coaches will support your teachers and school leaders in implementing best instructional practices in the classroom that will deepen the content knowledge and pedagogy of teachers. A needs analysis will be conducted of schools, analyzing data, conducting instructional walks with administration, observing instruction, and reviewing curriculum. Your personalized Coach will develop an action plan for coaching aligned with a measurable goal for the teacher’s work. Execute on a coaching action plan, enhancing and revising when needed to meet the needs of the teacher and their students. They will build teachers’ capacity to effectively implement Common Core aligned curriculum and analyze data effectively to drive instruction through differentiated teacher support based on individual needs. Consequently, the Coach will facilitate teacher teams that will reflect on practice, analysis of data, and review student work to assess and plan individual learning plants to successfully work toward improving student outcomes. As the teacher works towards their goal(s), Coaches are subsequently developing leadership skills of teacher leaders, supporting them through a micro-credentialing process that acknowledges the core leadership competencies critical to drive school-wide change.



Our consultants offer program and strategic planning for private, charter and public K-12 educational institutions.  Our services include faculty and staff training in the areas of:  developing school and classroom culture, instructional design and implementation, curriculum development and alignment with Common Core Standards and the newly adopted NGSS model for science education.  Our consultants provide professional development for a variety of educational needs.

We offer support for student evaluation tools along with data analysis to develop strategies and plans to improve student performance.

Our consultants are certified with extensive training and keep current on today’s research based strategies and best practices for optimal educational and organizational strategies.  We provide short, intermediate and long term planning to support current and future needs for resources, goals, objectives and organizational practices.

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Educational Consulting

Our Consultants provide program and strategic planning services in areas of education: training, workplace and/or classroom culture, instructional design, coaching, educational leadership team coaching, curriculum design, and professional development. Our Consultants’ competencies and continuous learning offers our clients research-based strategies to ensure organizations are progressive in their endeavors to improve and stay above their competitors.

Magenta will develop a short, intermediate, or long-range plan to support identified current and future needs for resources and professional practice, as well as organizational/strategic goals and objectives. They will manage and develop the strategic planning of programs, standards, goals, and objectives related to enhancing professional practice and meeting organizational/business needs. One on one planning, development, implementation, and evaluation to ensure continuous learning will be afforded. Also, planning, development, support, and evaluation to improve existing services will be afforded as well.  Evaluation provided of programs’ needs by stakeholders to provide data of success rate and needs analysis.

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